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Home-Built Overhead Crane Pivots 180 DegreesFrom Side To Side
  Gerard E. Ouellette, Richmond, Maine: ďA machinist friend and I built this overhead crane that pivots 180 degrees from side to side. Iím disabled and canít lift anything so itís one of the handiest tools in my shop. A trolley and chain hoist run on a track made from a 6-ft. long, 4-in. I-beam. The track is free to swivel on a bushing mounted high on a 10-ft. steel post.
  ďThe crane is located near one wall of my shop where I keep most of my tools. To move the crane around I just pull on the chain hoist. Itís more convenient to use than a portable floor hoist because there arenít any legs in the way. Itís a life saver for lifting objects weighing up to 800 lbs. or more. The photo shows the crane lifting a 150-lb. Ďpower packí that mounts on my tractorís 3-pt. hitch.Ē

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