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Dairyman Designed New Grinder-Blower
A Pennsylvania dairy farmer and part-time equipment dealer combined a used stationary hammermill with a 2-stage forage blower to produce a versatile new machine that grinds high moisture corn and ear corn for his dairy operation. Ron Bender, territory manager for Artís Way, the company thatís now manufacturing a production model machine, says it will grind corn and blow it into bags or a silo for storage.
††††ďThe farmer put a lot of thought and work into designing, building and testing the machine, and it really shows,Ē says Bender. ďHe built it one winter using an Artís Way 26-in. hammermill and a 2-stage, 42-in. Gehl blower fan as the main components. He tested it for 2 seasons on high moisture corn and dry ear corn with different drive options, different horsepower tractors, and different screens. It produces consistently-sized ground materials because fan air flow can be regulated to draw material through the screen. Consistent size feed is very important for dairy cattle.Ē
††††Bender says the machine was built and tested so well that Artís Way made only minor changes and added decals and a few shields to meet OSHA requirements on their production model. It has 96 reversible knives in the grinder and can use 13 different screens from 1/8 in. to 2 in. An 80 hp. tractor with a 1000 pto can grind about one ton a minute with the machine.
††††ďThe grinder-blower is ideal for dairies and feedlots because it can grind ear corn and high-moisture shelled corn into consistent material sizes for better digestiblity,Ē Bender says.
††††Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Artís Way Mfg., P.O. Box 288, 5556 Highway 9, Armstrong, Iowa 50514 (ph 712 864-3131; www.artsway-ag.com).

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