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Wood Liner Saves Deteriorated Silos
If you're wondering what to do with a concrete or steel silo that's acid corroded, time worn or fire damaged, you may want to consider relining it with a wood liner.

"In many cases, it's a lot cheaper and longer lasting than sand blasting, replastering, recoating or other alternatives," say AI Gurney, of Unadilla Silo Co., Unadilla. N.Y. The company manufactures a wood stave Una-Liner kit for "saving" poured concrete, concrete stave, tile or steel silos.

"You can Una-Line the entire silo interior, or just the bottom portion where juice acids have eaten into the masonry or metal," explains Gurney.

Creosote-treated staves making up the Una-Liner kit are the same type used for Unadilla's wood silos. They're tongue and grooved and dowelled to form a continuous inside lining of wood. Individual staves vary a in length from about 3 to 10 ft. and measures 2 in. thick and 5 1/2 in. wide. Once installed, the staves swell tight to resist silage juices and protect against acid corrosion and frost.

"Everything is precut and can be easily and quickly installed by any handyman," says Gurney. He notes that Una-Liner provides a protective insulation shield equal to more than 17 in. of concrete. Kits are available from complete or partial relining of masonry or steel silos of any size.

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Una-Liner, Unadilla Silo Co., Unadilla, N.Y. 13849 (ph 607 369-9341).

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