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Ecotrap Caught Thousands Of Flies
After about a month, the Ecotrapģ fly-catcher bag that I hung outside my home office window is filled with flies. It worked great and was simple to use Ė just fill it with water. Though Iím not going to count them, I believe that one bag really can hold up to 40,000 flies. Itís packed, and when the season is over, I can just throw away the bag.
  The attractant in the bag has a very foul smell, which I only notice when the wind is in the right direction. Instructions with the bags suggest hanging the bags around the perimeter of outdoor living spaces to draw flies away from the area. It definitely works.
  I asked Bertha, Minn., dairy farmer John Blashack to test a couple of bags in his barn, and they didnít work quite as well there.
  ďThe smells in the barn are about as strong as whatís in the bag, so they didnít fill up real fast,Ē he reported after the bags were up a few weeks. ďBut Iím not ready to write them off.Ē
  He added that flies seemed to be down this summer, possibly due in part to his free-ranging chickens that love to eat maggots.
  For folks who want to reduce flies in their backyard, I think the Ecotrap works great and I was impressed with the companyís service. The birds around my house didnít like them, though. They could see flies inside the bag but couldnít get at them.
  Ecotrap Jumbo bags (www.ecotrapguard.com) sell for $5.86 each at Amazon.com and other retailers, with discounts for multiple orders.
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