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Low-Cost CoolBot Controller Now Comes With Cooler
When Ron Kohsla first developed the CoolBot controller that attaches to a standard air conditioner, it was designed to set up do-it-yourself coolers for garden produce (Vol. 35, No. 5). More than 35,000 are now in use in 60 countries. They’ve been used by everyone from mortuaries to florists and even mobile trailers that bring flowers to market. Now the CoolBot is going turnkey.
  “We asked users what they wanted from us, and nearly all of our 35,000 customers responded,” says John Bergher, Store It Cold, manufacturer and marketer of the CoolBot. “About 20 percent said while they love their made-it-themselves system, they didn’t want to do it again. As they grow their businesses, they want a turnkey solution.”
  So the company is now offering 6 by 6-ft., 8 by 12-ft. and 10 by 14-ft. coolers insulated to R29. They come with a ready-to-install CoolBot controller and an LG window air conditioner capable of maintaining a temperature as low as 34°F. Prices start at $3,999 plus freight.
  The Cam Lock panels are easy to install. They can be ordered ready for installation with the air conditioner in any of 3 walls, aside from the wall with the door. The doorway is designed so hinges can be installed on either side.
  "The design alternatives make it easy for people installing inside a barn or other building where space is restricted," says Bergher. "The kits can be purchased with or without an insulated floor and with a weather cap and completely weatherized for outdoor installation."
  Adding an insulated floor adds about $500 to the cost of the 6 by 6-ft. cooler and about $1,500 to the cost of a 10 by 14-ft. cooler. The cooler and refrigeration system are designed to be assembled and operating in less than an hour.
  "One of the attractions of the Cam Lock system is that it can be broken down and moved as easily as it is put together," says Bergher. "That is important for customers who are renting or leasing space or considering moving at some point. They can take their cooler with them or sell it to another party. They don't have to leave it behind."
  Bergher says the new cooler is a money saver over traditional purchased systems. An 8 by 8-ft. CoolBot walk-in cooler with no floor sells for $4,599 plus shipping. He compares it to the same size traditional walk-in cooler from a leading supplier with a remote refrigeration system selling for $6,100 plus shipping.
  "Our system will use 42 percent less energy, saving hundreds of dollars a year," says Bergher. "Even the refrigeration unit can be installed by the customer. We provide excellent customer service and engineering support by phone or email."
  Bergher says the company has been offering the kit for the past 4 to 5 months with only limited marketing. "We've had a tremendous response from our existing customer base," he says. "It was stronger than expected, and we already have testimonials from farmers, florists and even breweries."  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Store It Cold, 3132 Federal Blvd., Denver, Colo. 80211 (ph 888 871-5723; info@storeitcold.com; www.storeitcold.com).

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