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From Potatoes To Tomatoes, Veggie Washer Does It All
Riverside Industries’ vegetable washer is tough enough to handle dirty potatoes and carrots yet gentle enough to wash tomatoes, green beans and thin skinned summer squash. It even de-silks sweet corn without damaging the kernels.
    “There’s nothing else out there like it,” says John Waldner, Riverside Industries. “Other washers are good for certain kinds of vegetables. Ours works well with all types.”
    At 68 in. long and 22 in. wide, the washer has a small footprint. It weighs 480 lbs. and can be equipped with a 1/3 hp. electric motor, gas engine or hydraulic motor. The spray heads use household water pressure and jet nozzles to rinse away dirt and plant residue. The 3-ft. height makes it handy to fill and empty the 18-in. dia., 60-in. long drum.
    The drum is lined with outdoor carpet to prevent bruising and to help scrub away dirt. However, it is the incline of the drum that controls how aggressive the washer is. The filler end of the drum can be raised as much as 11 in. or lowered to only 5 in. above level. The steeper the incline, the more the vegetables are tossed around.
    “At its steepest, it can clean 75 to 80 lbs. of potatoes in a minute and a half,” says Waldner. “Simply reduce the incline for more tender vegetables like tomatoes. When the drum is nearly flat, they don’t toss at all.”
    A door on the unloading end of the drum controls how long produce is exposed to the water and rotation of the drum. Waldner explains that the door is left open for tomatoes and other vegetables requiring less aggressive cleaning.
    The vegetable washer is built to last. Even the carpet is durable. “We’ve been marketing the washer for about 4 years and have prototypes that have been out for 5 years, and still have the same carpet,” says Waldner.
    Riverside Industries’ vegetable washer is priced at $5,280 plus shipping.    
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Riverside Industries, 40361 200th St., Huron, S. Dak. 57350 (ph 605 350-9022; john@rsindust.com; www.riversideindustriesllc.com).

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