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Many Uses For Do Everything Pump
"After forty years, we're finally going public," says Eddie Schuler of Morrison, Ill., about the Master Farmer sump pump he manufactures locally as a side item at his Chrysler auto dealership. "Some of the first pumps, made back in the early 1940's, still work perfectly."
The inventive Schuler has been featured twice before in FARM SHOW, once for taking the lead in installing diesel engines in gas-powered farm pickups and cars, and the second time for running the converted diesel vehicles on used crank-case oil.
The all-cast aluminum pump is light enough to carry from job to job, performing just about any pumping task. According to Schuler, the pump's open impeller design prevents clogging, even in up to 50% solids. They've been used for everything from pumping out farm ponds and manure pits, to cleaning mud, sand and water out of basements.
"One grain elevator cleaned shelled corn out of their pits by flooding the pits with water and moving both corn and water out together with our pump. An insurance company used it to move water out of a basement that was full of 2-in. asbestos strips that had plugged ordinary pumps in minutes," relates Schuler.
The $80 pump mounts on an adjustable metal bracket along with an electric drive motor. Assembled motor and pump stand just 14 in. high. The entire unit can be floated in a tire or on a wooden platform with the pump submerged. A 1/6 to 1/2 hp. motor¨ with either left or right-handdrive ¨ is needed to power the unit. For an extra $42.50, Schuler will provide one.
Schuler says the pump will move 25,000 to 30,000 gal. of water per 24 hr. period, or 17 to 20 gal. a minute. It'll develop enough pressure to move liquids from one place to the other, too. "One pump has been pumping through 1 mile of hose for more than 40 years," he says.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Foflowup, Eddie Schuler, Inc., P.O. Box 109, Morrison, Ill. 61270 (ph 815 772-2196).

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