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Simple Way To Solve Roof Ice Problem
Ice buildup on roofs prevents water from draining off, thus creating a buildup that can cause ceiling and wall damage inside the house.
You can solve the problem slick as a whistle with the new "Solar Thaw", introduced by Future Tech, Inc., Mankato, Minn. It requires no electricity and installs without drilling or poking any holes into the roof. The V-shaped panel attaches to the roof via plates that slip under the shingle tabs. (For roofs without shingles, you can tar or cement the device into place.)
You simply mount one or two of the panels vertically on the south-facing roof, letting the 3 ft. long, 7 in. high solar thaw panel overhang 3 to 6 in. over the edge of the roof.
The V-shaped panel, with the ępoint' side up, keeps a channel open for water to run off from behind the ice jam. The black metal also absorbs heat from the sun to melt surrounding snow and ice.
The Solar Thaw sells for $35.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Future Tech, Inc., P.O. Box 268, Mankato, Minn. 56001 (ph 507 625-6610).

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