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Culti-Mulcher Fitted With Steerable Front Gangs
“My new-style culti-mulcher leaves a nice, even seedbed and eliminates the need to make multiple tillage passes. It’s designed to be pulled by horses but can also be pulled by a tractor,” says Daniel Yoder, Countryside Repair, Ontario, Wis., who recently began marketing the unit.
  The culti-mulcher is available in 4, 6 and 8-ft. widths and comes with 3 rows of S-shanks and 2 gangs of rollers. The 8-ft. model (shown) has two 4-ft. sections placed side by side. Each section is fitted with a hand-operated lever on front and back in order to adjust tillage depth. An optional “scratch tooth” attachment with fixed straight tines can be added on back in order to loosen soil packed down by the back gang of rollers.
  A long adjustable tongue is connected to the neck yoke on the horses to control the machine when going downhill or turning corners.
  The operator sits on a metal seat located above the implement and is protected by a safety railing in front. The culti-mulcher comes with a 5-ft. wide crossbar on front where the eveners hook on. By removing the tongue you can hook up a tractor to the crossbar.
  “The 4-ft. wide front roller gangs and S-shanks are independent of the back shanks and rollers, which makes them steerable. As a result, the roller gangs can follow along when turning without dragging the soil,” says Yoder. “A short pipe extends between the front and back sections of the unit and allows them to pivot up or down independently.
  “It does a nice job and results in a good seedbed with fewer tillage passes required. In most types of soil, it takes only one or 2 passes with my culti-mulcher to leave a nice seedbed. Heavier clay-type soils may require more passes. Some farmers want to use a spike drag later on in a separate pass to loosen the soil behind the rollers, because a good seedbed is also a good weedbed. The ‘scratch-tooth’ attachment prevents weed seeds from getting packed into the soil so they can’t germinate as easily.”
  Yoder also offers a gravity-fed liquid fertilizer application system for the culti-mulcher. The 8-ft. culti-mulcher sells for $3,250; the 6-ft. for $2,250; and the 4-ft. for $1,650. Prices don’t include the seat or scratch tooth attachment.
  Dealer inquiries are welcome.  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Daniel Yoder, Countryside Repair, S341B Little Ridge Road, Ontario, Wis. 54651.

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