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Best Battery Charger I've Owned
Over the years, Iíve owned many different battery chargers of various degrees of quality, but by far, the best charger Iíve owned is one that I made using plans designed by George Wiseman of Eagle Research (www.eagle-research.com). George sells a manual (for around $20) that describes how to build and operate this basic battery charger, which costs less than $5 if you scrounge some of the materials. It can recharge sulfated batteries, is automatically current-limiting, and has automatic voltage adjustment. It can charge and maintain the charge of various voltage batteries at the same time.
††††A friend of mine who is an electrical engineer was amazed at how simple and efficient this was to build and operate. He told me that he hadnít learned anything like this in college and was so impressed that he built one for himself. Iíve used it on multiple batteries over the years, and it has never failed to bring them back to a full state of charge.
††††Before spending a lot of money on another battery because you think it might be bad, try this charger to see if you can rejuvenate it. (Brad Miller, Ridgeville Corners, Ohio ph 419 267-5679)

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