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Pressurized Tank Helps Lubricate Overhauled Engines
Kentucky mechanic Philip Showalter has overhauled engines since the mid 1980’s and he says a device he came up with helps pre-lube an engine for easier starting after an overhaul.

    “For years after overhauls I’d put an engine back together, fill it with oil, and turn the crankshaft manually before starting it. That worked okay, but I was never quite sure that all the parts were coated before starting it with the engine starter. Any part that might not have been lubricated could be subject to friction, and that’s definitely not good for the engine,” notes Showalter.

    To remedy that issue, Showalter designed a simple pressurized lubricating system that he made from a 10 gallon air tank and a few fittings. The device uses 40 lbs. of air pressure to distribute a small amount of oil into an overhauled engine through the oil port. He says it’s quick and efficient and, after slowly hand turning the engine while the line is attached, the engine parts are all thoroughly lubricated.

    Showalter made two simple modifications to a new 10 gallon air tank to make his device. First he replaced the air nozzle head with a screw-on fitting that connects to the engine port, where the engine oil pressure gauge is attached. Then he cut a 1-in. hole in the top of the air tank and welded in a 4-in. piece of pipe. The pipe serves as a filler spout so he can add a quart or two of oil to the tank to pre-lube an engine. A cap screw seals the opening after the oil is poured in. To use the device, he pressurizes the tank through the normal air hose fitting, then inverts the tank gradually to force oil and air into the overhauled engine. The air tank valve is used to regulate air and oil flow into the engine.

    Showalter says if anyone is building a device like this, it’s important to put clean oil into a new tank 3 times and completely blow it out so the tank is free of any small metal or dirt particles. “A person certainly doesn’t want any of those particles in a newly overhauled engine,” Showalter says.

    Showalter has used the pre-lube device on tractor and truck engines from 25 hp. on up to high horsepower V-8’s, and also diesel engines.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Philip Showalter, 1592 Highway 19 #2, Cynthiana, Ky. 41031 (ph 859 954-3030).

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