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Simple System Sucks Exhaust Out Of Shop
“I installed an in-floor exhaust removal system in my farm shop that makes it easy to work on vehicles in the shop without choking to death from fumes,” says Michael LeFevre, White Cloud, Mich.

    “I ran a network of connected 4-in. dia. pvc pipes under the floor, with 2 ports in the floor in each of my shop’s 3 work bays. They all run to an outlet in the utility room where a boiler draft fan, powered by a 1 1/2 hp. electric motor, pulls exhaust through the pipes and then pumps it outside through the wall. There’s a 4-in. tee joint below the floor under the fan so any moisture drains into the sand below. The whole system is pretty much laid out like a floor drain system, which I also installed. In fact, between the exhaust and floor drain systems, I’ve got more than 200 ft. of 4-in. dia. pvc under the shop floor.

    “There’s a metal cap over each port in the floor when it’s not being used. For some vehicles, where the exhaust outlet is close to the floor, I can just park over a floor port and it will suck the exhaust down without a hose. For bigger machines, we have various lengths of hose available.”

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Michael A. LeFevre, 6223 W 2 Mile Road, White Cloud, Mich. 49349 (ph 231 854-1446).

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