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“Cannon Feeder” Shoots Corn Up To 150 Ft. Away
“Our new solar-powered Cannon Feeder feeder uses a medical grade air compressor to fill a tank with air to shoot about 2 lbs. of corn or other feed to a targeted area. It offers a lot of advantages over gravity and spinner-type feeders,” says Luke Leissner, sales and marketing director with the Cannon Feeder Co., Bay City, Texas.
  The 65-in. tall galvanized metal feeder stands on 4 legs and can hold more than 650 lbs. of corn or other kinds of feed, including pellets, protein, soybeans and acorns. A 17 1/2-in. long metal “barrel”, slotted to prevent rain from reaching the feed, points out one side of the feeder and shoots feed up to 150 ft.
  “At 150 ft., corn will spread out in a pattern about 20 yards wide. You can vary the pressure on the tank to control how far the feed shoots out,” says Leissner.
  A 20-watt solar panel mounted on top of the feeder delivers power to a solar charger control, which regulates the power delivered to a 12-volt battery. The battery is hooked up to the compressor, which can be set up to shoot out feed as often as 6 times a day.
  “The compressor pumps air into a metal container fitted with a pressure switch. Once the pressure switch reaches a pre-determined pressure setting it opens a solenoid valve, which releases a column of compressed air that shoots the feed out of the barrel. The barrel is then automatically refilled by gravity directly from the feed hopper,” says Leissner.
  The unit can also be used as a fish feeder. “By setting the feeder on top of the tank dam instead of right next to the water, you can shoot fish food out into the water without having to worry about a flash flood destroying the feeder,” says Leissner.
  He says that whenever he tells potential customers that the Cannon Feeder doesn’t have a spinner, “they look at me like I’m crazy. But it doesn’t take long to see the advantages it offers over spinner feeders.
  “The unit is easy to set up and is filled from the ground so you don’t have to climb a ladder, which can be dangerous. It’s completely enclosed making it hog-proof and raccoon-proof, and cows can’t shake the feed out of it. You won’t have a muddy mess caused by animals trampling the ground under the feeder, and you won’t have to worry about the wind catching on a spinner blade and accidentally emptying the feeder overnight.”
  He says that since the unit isn’t placed close to where the feed is dispersed, mature bucks are more likely to come to the feed. “The deer will have no idea where the feed is coming from, and even if they do see the feeder they won’t get spooked by it. Mature bucks don’t like to go near a tall spinner feeder that stands up over their head. However, they almost never pay any attention to the Cannon Feeder because it’s 40 to 50 yards away from the feed.”
  He adds that if you’re bow hunting and sitting in a blind, you can set the feeder a substantial distance away and have it shoot feed in your direction so that you can get a closer shot - in areas where “baiting” is legal.
  According to Leissner, another advantage is that with 650 lbs. of capacity you don’t have to refill the feeder very often.
  The Cannon Feeder sells for $1,699 and comes with a 2-year warranty. Special pricing is available for military members and first responders, and volume discounts are also available.
  An optional heavy-duty metal skid lets you pull the feeder behind a 4-wheeler. It sells for $350.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cannon Feeder Co., LLC, 4765 FM 2540, South Bay City, Texas 77414 (ph 855 863-5075; luke@cannonfeeder.com; www.cannonfeeder.com).

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