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Drum Composts Dead Livestock
“Our new Drum Batch Composter is designed to break down swine and poultry carcasses fast and completely. It lets you turn organic waste into valuable compost,” says John Kloeze, Actium Resources Limited, Goderich, Ontario.
  The Compost Drum features a molded barrel built from solid steel that you rotate by turning a hand crank. All components, including the drums, paddles, frame, mounting brackets, and chain guard are made from solid steel and are protected by a rust inhibitor.
  Product claims include reduced energy compared to incineration or bin compost systems. The rotating unit also requires less added material compared to other carcass composting methods. The drum is insulated with high density glass fiber insulation protected by a stainless steel jacket, which creates more heat and helps micro organisms break down organic matter faster. Vents in the drum and lid provide microrganisms with the air they require for rapid organic composting.
  “The Actium Compost Drum has 55 cubic ft. of capacity and will handle up to 1,500 lbs. of dead animals. Complete composting takes from 3 to 7 days,” says Kloeze. “It offers several advantages over incinerators. The drum requires no energy input from electricity or fuel, rodents aren’t attracted to your disposal site, and disease causing pathogens are destroyed. You’re not burning fuel and creating smoke on your farm, and you won’t have wild animals scavenging around your farmstead.”
  He says the unit is designed for the average size poultry farm “that wants to dispose of birds in an effective way without spending a lot of money. Instead of spending $30,000 to $40,000 or more, you can buy our batch composter for less than $10,000. It’ll handle about 500 lbs. of dead birds a week. If you buy one today that fits your size operation, you can add to it later if you increase your operation. You don’t have to replace it with a larger, more expensive unit. Also, the composter doesn’t need power so you can move it anywhere you want.”
  Kloeze says the Actium batch composter is being used in other markets, too, such as restaurants, universities, nursing homes, resorts. “It works great anywhere there’s organic residue, such as food waste, that you want to dispose of on site,” notes Kloeze.
  The company also offers a continuous flow composter model for larger operations. It sells for about $24,000.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Kloeze, Actium Resources Limited, P.O. Box 2, Goderich, Ontario Canada N7A 3Y5 (ph 519 527-2525; john@actiumcomposting.com; www.compostdrum.com).

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