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Meat-Flavored Chocolate
Imagine putting a juicy steak and a hunk of chocolate in a blender. Thatís what New Zealand food scientist Dr. Mustafa Farouk did and he says the meat-flavored chocolate tastes great.
  Dr. Farouk partnered with Devonport Chocolates, a maker of luxurious hand-made New Zealand chocolates. He started with a very lean cut of fine beef and turned it into a smooth buttery mixture. Devonport Chocolates then combined the beef with their ingredients at about a 50/50 ratio. Consumers can tell itís not regular chocolate, but the taste of meat is almost impossible to detect. While the flavor has been described as ďwonderfulĒ, people are understandably hesitant about a unique dessert thatís 50 percent beef. Farouk says all it takes is a few bites of the rich chocolate to win people over.
The new meat chocolate isnít on shelves yet but Farouk says it will be marketed locally and internationally.
  Dr. Farouk and his team at New Zealandís AgResearch have all sorts of interesting uses for meat including ice cream, mousse, icings for cupcakes, gnocchi, bread, and yogurt.  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dr. Mustafa Farouk, Ag Research New Zealand (mustafa.farouk@agresearch.co.nz).

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