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Her Mission: Explaining The Benefits Of Raw Milk
An ad for Raw Milk Brochures caught our attention recently. We chased down the seller, Sandra Redemske, a graphic designer who produces, prints and sells the brochures to dairy producers. She’s done the research and has condensed the information into a four-panel brochure to educate the public about raw milk and its health benefits. For consumers, health care professionals, health food stores and dairy farmers who sell raw milk, it is packed with information.
  “It’s my way of helping people to understand the benefits of raw milk,” Redemske says. The self-employed Maine resident discovered the benefits of raw milk after experiencing serious health problems from mercury poisoning by her dental fillings, which she says damages her digestive system.
  She started purchasing raw milk to drink and make her own butter and soft cheeses. When people asked what she was doing, she decided to put together the raw milk brochure, and she’s been selling them for nearly 20 years, updating the information over the years.
  The brochure covers the benefits of raw milk and how it heals and restores health, the health hazards of processed milk and diseases associated with it, raising healthy cows on pasture, and also how raw milk is used by traditional cultures.
  “People don’t realize that milk is heat and pressure-treated, separated, and then put back together for different products. That damages the milk,” Redemske says. She also wants people to know that raw milk has all the enzymes and nutrients, so it is easy to digest and very nutritious.
  She keeps her brochures affordable. Prices start at $8 for 25 brochures to $192 for 800 brochures.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sandra Redemske, Redemske Design, 344 Gardiner Road, Jefferson, Maine 04348 (ph 207 549-3531; www.healthbrochures.info; sandy@healthbrochures.info).

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