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One-Wheel “Tractor” Cultivator
“It works the ground more like a tractor than a tiller,” says Chris Osgood, national sales manager for Maxim, about the Plow Hoss.

    The one-wheeled plow with a 127cc Briggs & Stratton engine is a unique garden cultivator that has been popular in the South for many years. With Maxim under new ownership in Minnesota, the company plans to make the rest of the country aware of the unusual walk-behind machine.

    The Plow Hoss comes with interchangeable accessories - a turn shovel, sweep and furrower - that are the same as those used on implements pulled by tractors.

    “A tiller grinds up the ground. This (Plow Hoss) turns the soil over like a plow, and the 12-in. sweep takes care of weeds,” Osgood says.

    Because its ground contact is narrower, the cultivator can be used later in the growing season when plants are mature.

    Liquid can be put in the 6-12 Super Sure Grip tractor wheels for better traction, and the low center of gravity makes it easy to maneuver the 160-lb. plow, Osgood says.

    The Plow Boss retails for about $1,340.

    “It’s a unique, inexpensive way to get an implement that can take care of your garden, and it replaces a small tractor,” Osgood says, adding it doesn’t take a lot of space to store.

    Plow Boss is popular with hobby farmers, farmers market and organic gardeners, as well as people with large gardens.

    “It’s also good for people who are growing hops and need to weed around them,” Osgood adds.

    Check out Maxim’s website to see a video of the Plow Hoss in action and to find a dealer in your area.

    Contact: Maxim, 20195 S. Diamond Lake Rd., Suite 100, Rogers, Minn. 55374 (ph 800 621-2789; www.maximmfg.com; sales@maximmfg.com).

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