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Field Ad promotes Product to High Flyers
Sherwood Peterson believes farmers should promote the products they produce and he practices what he preaches by carving out giant messages in his fields each fall.
"Every farmer could do it," states the Baker, Minn., potato farmer who's lucky enough to live in the flight pattern of the nearby busy Fargo, N. Dak. airport which provides constant "high" readership but he says the idea can work anywhere.
"You can read this type of message from 30,000 ft. in the air, the same way you see irrigation circles when you fly across the middle of the country. It only takes a few minutes to write something that'll catch the attention of people on planes," says Peterson.
Last fall he used a 24-ft. wide cultivator to write his message, "Eat More Spuds". The letters are "written" on a harvested field and the entire message is about 500 ft. wide and 800 ft. from top to bottom. He made each letter with one 24-ft. wide pass of the cultivator.
Peterson has written a message on his fields each of the past 5 seasons.
Two years ago he wrote simply "Eat Potatoes". Local papers often run photos of his messages and he gets comments from neighbors. "We farm primarily flat ground but we've tried to place messages along roads so motorists can also see it," he notes.
The message is legible in the fall but then disappears under snow during winter. In the spring, it again becomes visible.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sherwood E. Peterson, Rt. 1, Baker, Minn. 56513 (ph 218 789-7378).

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