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Sheller Makes Peas Easy To Process
When they got married, John Owens’ wife told him, “Don’t plant peas,” because she disliked shelling them. That’s why he bought a table-mounted Pea Sheller Jr. to turn the tide on his wife’s attitude and fill the freezer with peas.
  “Once we get our Pea Sheller Jr. set up on our pea-shelling table, all she has to do is feed them through,” says Owens. “She can shell faster than I can pick them off the vines.”
  The Pea Sheller Jr. can be clamped to any surface but, when used with Owens’ special table and a power drill, it works even better.
  “I built the table to hold the Pea Sheller Jr. and my power drill on one end,” says Owens. “Instead of a table top, the sides hold a plastic pan that sets into the frame.
   “The peas fall into the pan as the pods go through the sheller,” says Owens. “Instead of the hand crank, I use my power drill on the main shaft.”
  When the peas are shelled or the pan is full, the peas are carried into the house and put in plastic freezer bags. “We don’t wash them or anything, just fill the bags,” he says. “When we take them out to cook, they taste like they are fresh out of the garden.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John N. Owens, P.O. Box 875, Paris, Texas 75461 (ph 903 982-6952).

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