1985 - Volume #9, Issue #1, Page #26
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World's Largest Forage Wagon

The "world's largest" forage wagon is now hauling silage across Canadian prairies in British Columbia.
Custom-built by Ty-Crop Welding and Mfg., Ltd., Chilliwack, the huge hydra-dump wagon holds a whopping 15 tons. It dumps its load to the side at a height of about 14 ft.
Wheels on the king-sized dump wagon are 5 ft., 6 in. tall and 43 in. wide so that, even when full, the wagon exerts less than 12 pounds per sq. in. pressure on the ground. The wagon features hydraulic balancing for weight transfer front to back and adjustable axles for cornering. To dump, the wagon raises to a 22? angle and silage is unloaded by a three-chained unloader.
The wagon was built for Gracemar Farms, near Chilliwack, for use behind a New Holland 2100 chopper. Hydraulic capacity on the chopper had to be boosted to handle operation of the wagon.
Ty-Crop's standard line of hydra-dump wagons have capacities up to 10 tons. The firm also recently began building the world's widest self-propelled and tractor-mounted swathers, designed by the Honey Brothers in Bracken, Sask. Production models of the swathers are 63-ft. wide.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ty-Crop Welding & Mfg. Ltd., 48945 Yale Road East, Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 6H4 (ph 604 794-7078).

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1985 - Volume #9, Issue #1