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Select-A-Catch Trap Lets You Pick Your Prey
Select-A-Catch is a unique foot snare that can be set for the weight of the animal to be caught. If you crank it up for bear or deer, for example, coyotes stepping on the tension-pad won’t trigger the snare.
  “The tension pad is about 12 by 12 in. with a 6 by 6-in. square in its center that triggers the snare,” explains Mike Hoggan, co-founder, Select-A-Catch. “The total length is 37 in., and it weighs about 11 lbs.”
  Snares are animal specific with a humane design. Animals trapped for relocation or for research and release will be held without injury by one of the 8 different snares.
  “We use a combination of steel cable and an obstetric chain like used for pulling calves,” says Hoggan. “Heavier chains are used for larger targeted animals. The chains don’t cut off circulation.”
  In addition, where the chain hooks to the lock, a breakaway will release larger animals. A snare designed for a lion or a wolf will break away if a deer or bear hits it.
  He credits his partner Steve DeMers with the snare design. “A 1/4-in. cable by itself cuts into the leg,” explains Hoggan. “With our snare, it is the chain that wraps around the leg.”
  The exception to the breakaway design comes with snares designed for wild boar. They are designed to hold up to a 600-lb. animal. Avoiding catching deer, cattle and other large animals requires some creativity.
  “An Oklahoma customer put plastic snow fence over the wildlife trail,” says Hoggan. “The wild boar went under it, but it scared the deer away.”
  Catching wild boar is a popular use for Select-A-Catch, says Hoggan. The company has shipped their traps to 16 states to catch them.
  “Our customers report using it as a supplement to cage traps,” he says.
  Hoggan says he and his partner have worked on the design for the past 7 years. Most sales have been to state and federal wildlife agencies. They are now starting to focus on selling to farmers, ranchers and other landowners. Prices start at $149.99 for the SAC1000. Snares range from $5.99 to $12.99, depending on the target animal size. A new SAC3000, large enough to capture a grizzly bear, is coming soon.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Select-A-Catch, 2546 Belgian Hill Rd., Valier, Mont. 59486 (ph 406 278-9957; www.selectacatch.com).

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