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Sampling Wild Boar
Jim Ruen, La Crescent, Minn.: “Living in a state not yet invaded by wild boar, I’ve often wondered what the meat tastes like. I found a company called Broadleaf that sells meat from Texas wild boar.
  “With prices as high as $54.99 for a 6-lb. boneless shoulder roast and $39.99 for 6 shanks, I opted for a $9.99 pound of bacon and a pound of medallions for $18.50.
  “Shipping cost nearly as much as the meat did, but it arrived a day after I ordered. The packages were still frozen inside the poly foam cooler.
  “I fried up some of the thick cut bacon the next day. It had a lightly smoked flavor. Strips were very meaty, almost too thick. It tasted like thick-cut Canadian bacon.
  “I found a recipe for the medallions that called for them to be browned a minute on a side and then finished with a sauce in a 350-degree oven for about 10 min. Because the medallions were thicker that normal, at 10 min. they were still raw and barely above 115 degrees. Five min. later they were in the 130’s. Five min. more and they were above the suggested 140 degrees.
  “They were still a light pink on the inside, but were a little dry and tough. The meat was extremely lean, as expected with wild game. The flavor was pretty good with and without the sauce.
  “I sliced up the leftover medallions very thin and left them in the sauce overnight. Warmed up the next day, the slices were much more tender.
  “I might have enjoyed them more if not for the 2 small pieces of shot I found when chewing. Not anxious to shatter a tooth, I gave the rest to my dog...the most expensive dog food he’ll ever get.
  “It wasn’t the worst buy I’ve ever made, but it certainly wasn’t the best either. I think I’ll wait until the wild boar make it to Minnesota before I eat any more.”

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