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Latest New Products From California, Louisville
Mini Bale Accumulator

Kuhns Mfg. introduced a smaller scale version of their bale accumulator system in Louisville. The Kuhns AF4 accumulator and EGF8 grabber together sell for $6,995 plus S&H.
  The accumulator attaches to the baler and accumulates groups of 4 bales at a rate of up to 12 bales per min. The grabber is designed to pick up 2 of these 4-bale groups to stack them on a wagon in 8-bale groups. “At just 415 lbs., the grabber is light enough to be used with a utility tractor or small skid loader,” says sales manager John Byler.
   The accumulator hitches to the baler drawbar and has 2 wheels on back, which support a floor that’s permanently mounted at a 45 degree angle. A twisted chute mounts on front of the machine and hooks up to the baler chamber. (www.kuhnsmfg.com; ph 877 296-5851)

“Treadmill” Free Stall Cleans Itself

This moving free stall floor works like a treadmill to clean manure from free-stalls. The moving rubber floor mechanically rotates around a pair of rollers. As the belting moves, a stainless steel blade mounted underneath cleans it off.
  As a cow steps onto the slightly sloped floor, a spring compresses underneath the front end. When the cow steps out of the stall, energy stored in the spring automatically rotates the belt and the blade pushes the material off into the alley where it can be disposed of.
  “The cow cleans out her bed with the weight of her body,” says U.S. distributor Shane Schechinger. “The rotating design distributes wear on the entire belt instead of just on one spot like with traditional free-stall rubber mats. It comes with an automatic bedding dispenser that periodically adds enough bedding material onto the floor to absorb the cow’s sweat.”
  The system sells for less than $2,000 per stall. (www.next-gen-group.com; ph 844 752-8628 or cell ph 712-579-1757

Crop Divider Hinge
This new kit lets you quickly fold the crop dividers on Deere soybean platforms inward, narrowing the header’s road width by more than 3 ft. “It can eliminate the need to remove the dividers for transport or storage,” says Tim Johnson.
  The crop divider hinge is designed for most Deere grain head models since 2002, including Deere 600 soybean platforms. It consists of a tubular metal frame fitted with a hinge. You just pull a pin and fold the divider in, then reinsert the pin.
  Sells for $399.99 plus S&H per pair. (www.wajohnson.com; wajohns@bellsouth.net; ph 502 266-7177 or 800 523-3979)

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