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Super Wide Tire Can Replace Duals
Get better traction, less compaction, easier turning and a super smooth ride when you swap out big duals for extra wide, Goodyear LW1400/30R46 tires. The industry’s widest tires with matching rims from Titan Tire were previewed at farm shows this past year. The company is taking orders and planning for delivery.
  “These are the next step in extreme flotation tires with low sidewall technology,” says Scott Sloan, agriculture products manager, Titan Tire.
  He notes that the new tires are designed for high horsepower, 4-WD tractors. “There are a lot of applications where row-crop duals can be replaced by a single tire,” says Sloan. “They eliminate the pinch-row compaction and rutting between tires that can hurt yields.”
  In side-by-side trials the singles netted an additional 5 bu. of corn and 2 1/2 bu. of beans per acre over duals on big 4-WD row-crop tractors.
  Sloan reports similar results whether soils at planting were dry in Illinois or wet in Missouri and whether the tires rolled over the seedbed or not. “If a grower isn’t running between rows post-emergence, there’s really no reason to be running duals,” says Sloan. “In Missouri, we could see ruts throughout the growing season where duals went. After the first rain we couldn’t even see where the singles had gone.”
  Wheel and tire assemblies are list priced at $10,700 each. However, Sloan notes that dealers won’t pay that, and he doesn’t expect farmers will either. “I expect an assembly will sell for $7,000 to $9,000,” says Sloan. “Compare that with paying $60,000 for a set of tracks with less versatility and compaction under the bogeys in wetter conditions. You’ll get into fields a week or so sooner without getting stuck and without the compaction of tracks.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Titan International, 2345 E. Market St., Des Moines, Iowa 50317 (ph 800 872-2327; www.titan-intl.com/agriculture).

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