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New Coupling Flexes More Than U-Joints
Running pto-powered equipment, steering, conveyor belts, driveshafts and axles is going to get a lot easier with this new power transfer coupling that offers a simple and more flexible alternative to standard universal joints and constant velocity joints. The Twin Spring coupling is practically maintenance-free with no grease zerks, bearings or yokes.
  “Our initial model, the TSC8300, is only 2 3/4 in. in diameter,” says Daren Finch, Twin Springs Coupling. “ It is guaranteed to handle 300 foot-pounds of torque, but even at 600 foot-pounds, it will deform without breaking, and your equipment will keep working.”
  It is the design of the coupling that gives the company its name. Two counter-wound torsion springs transfer force in multiple directions. A ball bearing in the middle serves as a pivot point with the springs sliding around it to flex up to 35 degrees. Finch describes it as being similar to a bellows coupling, but those can only go in one direction.
  “Our coupling is bi-directional,” he says. “It can go both ways.”
  Finch notes that if you push a universal joint past its design limits, it will snap. Work stops until it can be replaced.
  “When you hit rocks or stumps with pto- powered equipment, the universal joint often can’t take the punishment,” says Finch. “Our spring design has more flexibility and travel. It also has less maintenance. We have no bearings, compared to a standard universal joint with 4.”
  Without bearings, dirt, dust and water are no problem, and the only maintenance needed is to occasionally pull off the neoprene sleeve, rinse it with gas or a cleaner fluid, and replace the sleeve.
  The company currently has only a single model available. It is being manufactured in small quantities and is priced at $275.
  Finch says the design is size-neutral. Spring couplings can be made at virtually any size. The company is working on larger versions to handle 500 and 700 foot-pounds of torque.
  “They can be used in new equipment or to retrofit older equipment,” says Finch.
  He is looking for manufacturing partners to bring the product to OEM and after-market manufacturers with the expectation that the price will drop as the quantity produced increases.
  Finch vows that one thing that won’t change is quality. The coupling springs are made out of chrome silicon steel, an alloy designed for high stress and to handle shock and impact loading.
  “All our components are U.S. made and selected for their quality,” says Finch.
  Check out a video of the Twin Spring coupling at FARMSHOW.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Twin Spring Coupling LLC, 226 Blauvelt Rd., Pearl River, N.Y. 10965 (ph 718 938-1950; darrenf@twinspringcoupling.com; www.twinspringcoupling.com).

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