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Motorcycle Lift Adapted For Lawn Mower Work
Leonard Downing made working on his collection of antique riding lawn mowers easier by widening a motorcycle lift that lifts them up to a comfortable height.
  “It’s a lot easier than crawling on my hands and knees,” says the Warren, Ohio, collector who recently turned 80.
  He got the idea when he saw a 1,000-lb. capacity motorcycle lift at Harbor Freight, and told his family it would be a good Christmas gift, especially when it went on sale for $300. He spent part of last winter modifying it.
  Downing purchased two 6-ft. long pieces of 8-in. wide cold rolled metal (1/8-in.) for $50 to add to each side of the lift. He attached the sheets to the lift by welding one end of 1-in. square tubing to the metal and running 5/16-in. bolts through the other end of the tubing and the motorcycle lift bed. The 10 bolts can be taken out to remove the side wings and quickly restore it back to a motorcycle lift, Downing says. He used a 4 1/2-in. grinder to cut slots for the tubing to lie flat on the lift platform.
  “For the foot pump that raises it up I added key stock to the handle,” Downing adds, because the extended width of the table covered the original handle. He also lengthened the release with a piece of an old Deere lawn mower blade.
  In the down position, the lift is about 4-in. off the floor. Downing uses ramps to roll his riding mowers on the lift. He sets the brake, and the tubing keeps the mower in place. The lift pumps up about 3 ft. off the ground. A round steel bar, which runs through holes between the lift’s front arm and the frame, acts as a safety to keep the lift up.
  The clamp on the end of the lift also comes in handy for holding pieces when using a grinder. Topping it with a sheet of plywood also made the lift a handy serving table when Downing celebrated his 80th birthday on Christmas Eve.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Leonard Downing, 3056 Palmyra Rd., Warren, Ohio 44481 (vdowning@neo.rr.com).

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