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“Hand-Pumped” Go-Cart Fun To Ride
“Our new go-cart is a replica of an old wooden wagon that a friend gave us. People have a lot of fun riding it,” says Ivan Miller, Mt. Hope Machine, Millersburg, Ohio.
  The rider uses his or her hands to pump the handle back and forth in order to go forward or backward. He uses his feet on the front axle to steer.
  The cart’s rear axle is offset. A metal rod connects the handlebars to the axle and is fitted with ball joints at both ends. As a result, as the axle rotates the back end of the rod goes around with it.
   “It takes a little coordination to get the cart moving, because you have to pump with your hands while using your feet at the same time to steer. It can be comical to watch people try it out for the first time,” says Miller. “The offset on the rear axle has to be at just the right spot in order to start the cart moving either forward or backward.
  “I showed the cart to another friend who has a big corn maze and other forms of entertainment for families. She wanted us to make some go-carts for her corn maze. So this is what we came up with,” says Miller.
  “We offer a version for children and one for adults.”
  The child-size go-cart retails for $309.95 plus S&H; the adult-size for $429.95 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mt. Hope Machine, 4220 TR 628, Millersburg, Ohio 44654 (ph 330 674-1866).

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