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Reservoir Tillage Unit “Catches” Rain
The new Reservoir Tillage unit from Willmar Fabrication is designed to work fields so they capture more rainfall or irrigation. The RT850 runs between the rows with 10-in. teeth that fracture the soil profile. It can be used to incorporate liquid or dry fertilizers or used simply for its soil profile benefits.
  “It creates a soil profile with better infiltration and permeation, allowing farmers to make optimal use of available water, whether it gets to the field as rainfall or irrigation,” says Steve Clausen, Willmar Fabrication.
  The RT850 is available with 1, 2 or 3 teeth per row for 22, 22-30 and 30 to 40-in. row spacings. The teeth are “austempered” ductile iron blades. Austempering is a relatively new heat treatment process that makes high strength, low cost, abrasion resistant material.
  Row units have independent suspension with rubber rod inserts that allow the teeth to roll out of the ground if they hit a rock or obstruction without losing down-pressure. Row units have up to 16 in. of travel (10 in. up or 6 in. down) from operating position.
  Row units are available individually or mounted on a 7 by 7-in. toolbar in multiples from 6 to 16 rows. The 3-pt. hitch is Cat. III or IV, depending on row number. Sand can be added to the row units to increase down pressure.
  Clausen advises using the RT850 in the spring or shortly after planting. “The best time to use it is when corn is between 4 and 12 in. tall,” he says.
  For pricing or to discuss units beyond 16-row configurations, contact the company. Check out a video of the RT850 at www.farmshow.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Willmar Fabrication, 2400 19th Ave. S.W., Willmar, Minn. (ph 320 214-7888; toll free 877 332-2551; www.willmarfab.com).

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