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“Pallet Fork” Doubles As A Ripper
“I use my skid steer pallet fork as a ripper to dig narrow trenches,” says Matthew McKinzie, California, Mo.
    “I remove one of the forks and just slide the single fork into the ground at an angle and rotate up. Besides digging narrow slit trenches, I also use this idea to loosen rocks, roots and dirt so I can get in with a bucket afterwards and scoop out. This method also works good for digging out small trees. Sometimes I’ll use both forks pushed close together. It’s much easier to push forks into the ground than a wide bucket. I just work my way around a tree, sticking it in under the roots and loosening everything up before pushing the tree over.
    “By mounting a single fork to one side of the frame, I can dig a trench right up next to a building or loosen dirt from under a footing or pipe to make it easier to dig out.”
    To clean loose dirt out of a narrow trench, McKinzie cut a piece of channel iron to fit over a fork. Flat bars across the bottom create a slot for the fork to slip into. He chains the channel iron to the frame of the forklift to hold it in place.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Matthew McKinzie, 62008 W. Business 50, California, Mo. 65018 (ph 573 796-2302; axeman399@gmail.com).

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