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New Portable Farm Still
Farmers at the recent Sunbelt Exposition in Moultrie, Ga., stood in line to see the "OPEC Killer", an alcohol still on wheels that's designed to produce 300 gal. of alcohol a week. It's fueled by wood, crop residues or conventional fossil fuels.
The OPEC Killer is one of several stills that have been introduced since our roundup of the first factory-made stills, featured in the July-August issue (Vol. 3, No. 4) of FARM SHOW.
Several of the new-style "OPEC Killer" stills, manufactured by United International Co., Buena Vista, Ga., already are in use on farms, says John Daniel, the firm's marketing consultant. The firm is set up to produce about 300 units a year. year.
"Our current production model turns out 300 gal. of 190 proof ethyl alcohol a week from two batches of corn or other crop mash. We plan to make larger units in the future," Daniel told FARM SHOW.
The still rides on an 8 by 20-ft. 4wheeled trailer rigged for over-theroad travel. Batches are mixed and fermented at the front of the trailer, and the burner - designed to be fired with wood, trash or residue - sits at the rear.
"Because it's portable, neighboring farmers can share one unit, or coops can buy them to rent out to members," points out Daniel.
The OPEC Killer is priced at $14,500. Price per gallon of alcohol produced depends on cost of the crop, and the fuel used to fire it. Daniel notes that the company's farmer/customers are burning the 190 proof alcohol undiluted in their gas-powered tractors with little or no adjustments.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, United International, P.O. Box 11, Buena Vista, Ga. 31803 (ph 912 649-7444).

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