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Paint Can Spout
I enjoy FARM SHOW very much and have gotten many good hints and ideas from it. So I decided to send you an idea that's been a big help to me when painting. It's a paint can spout for 1-gal. paint cans that I made out of 20 ga. sheet metal and an old paint can lid. I got the idea while spray painting a 1 944 Farmall M because !was having trouble pouring paint into the paint gun cup.
I started with a piece of sheet metal 10 in. wide and 7 1/4-in. tall and an old clean paint can lid. First I cut an arc at the bottom of the sheet metal from one side to the other so it produced about a 110? angle when fitted in the groove on the paint can lid. Then I brazed the spout to the groove of the can lid. It works best if you press the lid onto an old clean paint can to keep the lid from warping when it heats up. Then I found the center of the spout and measured out 3 112 in. to either side and used a tin snips to taper the spout down to the lid. Then I cut about a 2 1/2 in. dia. hole in the lid of the paint can, centered on the spout. Now only a little paint runs down the spout and what does run down is easy to wipe up before it makes a mess. (David Dlckmeyer, Rt. 1, Box 144, Hlgginsvllle, Mo. 64037)

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1992 - Volume #16, Issue #5