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Look What They're Doing With Shoes!
`It's more fun than jogging and easier than walking," says Lori Waldron, of Bosch Unlimited, Minnetonka, Minn., midwest distributor of Pop Wheels, a first-of-its kind shoe for both youngsters and adults. It looks like a common wooden clog, but has something extra.
"It's a comfortable shoe with specially designed arches that cling to your feet for walking. But if you get tired of walking, just lift your foot, pull out the pin and out pop a pair of roller skates as rugged as any you can buy in a store," says Waldron.
"They're great for anyone who does a lot of walking. You can wear them to fairs and shows where you might otherwise have to walk all day. Students of all ages - from grade school through college - wear them to school and to classes, skating where they can," explains Waldron.
The all-steel skate mechanism is recessed in the thick hardwood sole of the shoe. Four 1-in. hard plastic wheels with steel bearings ride a spring-loaded frame that can handle up to 400 lbs. of weight. A 1/bin. layer of rubber covers the bottom of the sole, both for comfort in walking, and ease in stopping while skating. Each shoe weighs 31/z lbs.
Pop Wheels fit like sandals, with two leather, sandal-like adjustable straps to fit any foot, sizes 4 through 10.
They come in three styles, the most popular having the recessed, pop-out skate mechanism. Two other models feature removeable skating wheels, designed to make the shoes lighter for walking. One of the removeable models has an extra wide wheels base for advanced skaters and high speeds.
Pop Wheels have been available in Europe for some time but only just became available in the U.S., imported by a firm in New York.
"You could spend $50 for a pair of roller skates and just be able to roller skate," points out Waldron. "These are retail priced at about $38." The more heavy-duty racer Pop Wheels sell for about $42. All models come with "uni-sex" tan leather straps. The wheels, which are the most likely part to wear out, are standard skateboard wheels, available in sporting goods store, according to Waldron.
For more information and the name of a store near you that will carry Pop Wheels, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ron Lieberman, 714 Brisbane, Buffalo, NY.

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