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Always Working Mousetrap
"I catch one mouse after another in this trap," says Lloyd Twite, Carpio, N.Dak., who "fools" mice by making a "false floor" on top of a pail of water and tempting them to walk on it.
He simply floats styrofoam granules on top of a pail of water - you can break up a sheet of insulation or use packing "pea-nuts" - and hanging a piece of bait by a string over it. Then he runs a 1 by 3-in. board from the top edge of the pail to the ground to act as a ramp.
"The pellets float on top of the water and look like a solid floor. It fools the mice so when they jump down for the bait they fall through and drown. They're never able to get at the bait so the trap just keeps working, one after another," says Twite.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, LloydTwite,P.O. Box 52, Carpio,N.Dak. 58725.

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1992 - Volume #16, Issue #2