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He Uses Cutoff Wheel To Sharpen Chainsaw
Dull chainsaw chain? Worn files? No worries, says Matthias Wandel. Grab an angle grinder with a cutoff metal wheel. The Canadian blogger tried it when he needed to sharpen a chain. It worked so well he made a YouTube video in 2012 that has had nearly 300,000 views.
    “It’s critical to get the right angle and to be careful not to cut the links,” Wandel notes, “and also to not hold the wheel on a chain tooth very long. You can mess the chain up fast with a grinding wheel if you make a mistake.”
    Despite some YouTube critics, others say they’ve used the grinding method successfully for a quick sharpening.
    Wandel says the cutoff wheel is faster on a chain that is really messed up. But for a quick touch up, a sharp file in the hands of an experienced sharpener is better.
    Wandel adds that the wheel can be quickly dressed by running the edge against a stone.
    A video of the method can be seen at www.farmshow.com. Wandel shares a variety of woodworking projects, techniques and tips at his website.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Matthias Wandel, 82 Starwood Rd., Ottawa, Ontario Canada K2G 1Z5 (www.woodgears.ca; matthias@woodgears.ca)

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