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Flat Fold Marker For Field Cultivators
“Our patent-pending, retractable field cultivator marker makes planting your field boundaries a much easier job,” says David Maach, LDM Ag Services, Grand Junction, Iowa.
  The retractable marker consists of a 16-in. notched disc and gauge wheel attached to a steel arm that mounts on back of the cultivator. The marker leaves a 2-in. wide furrow in the ground. A hydraulic cylinder extends the marker out and also retracts flush with the rear of the cultivator for easy backing and storage.
  The marker is mounted at a distance of one half the planter width, from either the left or right side of the cultivator, depending on which direction you go around the field. Pivoting parallel arm mounts keep the base level when mounting to pitched harrows, and a telescoping arm allows for infinite arm length settings.
  Mounting brackets are available for all cultivator makes and models, including ones equipped with rolling baskets or coil tine harrows.
  “The idea is to place a furrow around the perimeter of the field on your final cultivator pass, leaving a center mark for you to follow while planting,” says Maach. “With today’s wide planters it can be hard to see if you’re planting too close or too far from the fence line. Some farmers have built their own cultivator markers, but usually the operator has to get out of the tractor to flip the marker up or down. Or, the marker is mounted far up the cultivator frame which requires a very long mounting arm that gets in the way when folding the cultivator. Our marker is small and compact, and you don’t have to get off the tractor to flip it up or down.”
  He says a lot of farmers will use the marker furrow to help them make straighter rows. “Even if you don’t cultivate in an exactly straight line leaving a wavy furrow, it gives you something to aim with and helps make your first pass straighter,” says Maach.
  The mounting bracket for a cultivator equipped with a rolling basket bolts onto the square tube on top of the basket. On a coil tine harrow, the bracket bolts onto 2 of the harrow bars. “Each bracket has its own pivot point which allows the harrow bars to rotate individually, while at the same time the marker’s base will always remain level,” notes Maach.
  The marker has a list price of $1,100.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, LDM Ag Services, LLC, 503 14th St. S., P.O. Box 263, Grand Junction, Iowa 50107 (ph 515 370-1068; www.ldmagservices.com; info@ldmagservices.com).

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