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Treadmill Moves Firewood Fast
Tom Cahill of Amery, Wis., is looking for a free or cheap treadmill – not to exercise on, but to fill his basement with firewood this fall. His last treadmill moved about 14 cords of firewood over two seasons before it fell apart.
    If this sounds familiar, you may have been one of the 20 million people who saw the YouTube video last winter of Cahill and his friend Jake Cramlet throwing firewood onto a treadmill that extended into a basement window.
    “I was sick of the awkward repetitive movement it took to get wood into the small window and the damage it was causing to the window sill. I thought, what would be the cheapest conveyor?” says Cahill, who works as a civil engineering technician.
    He posted a request for a treadmill on Facebook and within 20 minutes a friend offered him one for free. Cahill removed the front legs, guides and other unnecessary parts so that the treadmill fit up against the basement window opening.
    “The faster you run it the farther you can throw the wood,” he says, noting when set at full speed his treadmill threw wood about 10 ft. into the basement.
    Other than tightening the belt a few times, there weren’t any major glitches, and Cahill improved on the setup seen in the video. He added a chute to feed to the treadmill so he and Cramlet could stand up.
    “It saves hours of work carrying wood, kneeling down to throw it and getting back up,” Cahill says.
    “There’s more time to drink Bud Light,” he adds with a laugh. “There’s a nice cup holder right on the treadmill.”
    After Cahill’s photographer sister, Joy Cahill, posted a video on Facebook, it went viral. Though the video (Youtube.com, Guys Use Treadmill to Transport Firewood) has drawn worldwide YouTube attention, Cahill hasn’t had any personal media attention regarding his redneck engineering. He was happy to share his story with FARM SHOW readers.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tom Cahill, 1142 80th Ave., Amery, Wis. 54001 (ph 715 554-7714; tom_cahill_8@hotmail.com)

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