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Bale Processor Handles Square Or Round Bales
A new square or round bale processor from Highline Mfg. offers a new CleanCut twine release system that uses the weight of the bale to slice twine.
    The CFR960 lifts and loads the square bales properly for optimal processing. With the highest breakout power in the industry, the arms lift the bale straight off the ground. This ensures minimal rubbing and damage to the bale.
    For ease of loading a bale, the unit aligns with the length of the bale. However, for processing, the bale needs to be realigned. As the CFR960 picks up the bale, it turns it a full 180 degrees. This puts it in line to fall lengthwise into the bed in alignment with the flail for optimal processing.
    Options include the company’s Feed Chopper, a secondary processor that slices through the hay, and the Grain Tank with Metered Grain Insertion (MGI). Instead of mixing grain into the hay as it is being processed, the MGI inserts it into the hay stream for a more complete mix.
    While 100 (pto) tractor hp is listed as a minimum, the company recommends 115 if using the CFR960 by itself. Add the MGI option and the recommended hp increases to 125. With both the Feed Chopper and the MGI, the company suggests a 140 PTO hp tractor be used.
    The CFR960 has a transport width of 107 3/4 in. and a transport height of 164 in. The basic processor weighs 6,200 lbs. and has a length to the end of the tires of 204 in.
    The base price of the CFR960 is $33,200 (U.S.). With the Feed Chopper option, it is $40,850. With it and the MGI, the price is $47,250.
    Check out the CFR960 Square/Round Processor at FARMSHOW.com.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Highline Manufacturing Ltd., Box 307, Hwy. 27, Vonda, Sask. Canada S0K 4N0 (ph 306 258-2233; toll free 800 665-2010; insidesales@highlinemfg.com; highlinemfg.com).

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