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This Bulldog Climbs Trees
Flatnose, Barney Odom's Pit-English bulldog, will climb a tree just like a cat.
And, five-year old Flatnose seems to be barking up the right tree.
So far, he's been featured on "PM Magazine," on NBC's "Today Show," with Johnny Carson on the "Tonight Show," and on radio stations and in newspapers from Boston to Great Britain.
Odom, of Dovesville, S. C., and Flatnose are also the subjects of a TV commercial produced by Gold Kist that's currently running in selected southern states.
An employee of a local paper mill, Odom raised Flatnose from a pup. "I bought his mama from a fellow who worked in the plant," he notes.
Flatnose has been climbing trees since he was about three years old. Odom says he doesn't know why his unusual dog likes to climb trees.
"One day I was out there in the yard and Flatnose scooted right on up a tree. I thought to myself, well, I'll be doggone, if Flatnose can't climb a tree.
"I was standing under the carport and I said 'Flatnose you wanna climb another tree? If you do, go ahead.' He haul-buggied right up. Before I could get to him, he was out of reach. My heart went in my shoes. I just knew he was gonna go on up to the top of it and fall down and kill himself. I hollered about three times and he stopped and just stuck up there on that tree. He finally jumped and, with his weight, knocked me right to the ground. If I hadn't broke his fall, he'd probably broke his back. He weighs about 55 lbs.," Odom notes.
Since Flatnose has become a celebrity, everyone wants to see him, but he just goes on eating and living a good dog's life, unaware that he's received a letter from President Reagan, from the producers of "Hee Haw" and from hundreds of viewers who've seen him perform on TV.
(Reprinted with permission from Gold Kist News, Atlanta, Ga.)

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