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Nipple Waterer
Dean Peterson, Hartley, Iowa, made this nipple hog waterer from used tractor tire rims. He welded two tire rims together, then "burned" in two rows of holes 14 and 21 in. above ground level. Then he welded a 1/2-in. pipe coupler in each hole for the nipple waterer. Hoses and clamps were then added as needed.
The next step was to cut a 50-gal. barrel into thirds horizontally. One of the three rings was placed inside of the rims and cement was poured between the barrel ring and the tire rims. "This adds weight so the waterer needs no additional anchoring or tie-downs," notes Peterson, who added an electric heater and insulation for cold weather operation.
Each waterer weighs about 500 lbs. "After two years of use in my hog operation, they appear to be indestructible. They're also easy to work on," says Peter-son, who has built waterers with up to 20 nipples per unit.
He estimates the total cost for a 16-nipple waterer at $233.35.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dean Peterson, Hartley, Iowa 51346 (ph 712 728-3237).

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