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Scarifier Scraper Work Of Bulldozer
"This tractor-mounted scarifier scraper can do,many of the jobs normally done with a bulldozer," says Iowa inventor-mechanic Jim Furman, of Marengo.
Further, he claims, the rear-mounted machine solves many of the problems often experienced with other types of front- or rear-mounted laund-forming equipment. "It boils down to one word," says Furman "Control! Separately controlled rear wheels and a pivoting blade are the key features. It does a very accurate job of leveling" says Furman.
He is looking for an interested manufacturer, but says he has limited capacity himself to make the machines. Retail cost is right at $8,500.
The unit can be used to level ground, make terraces, and perform other earth-moving tasks, and requires a 150-hp tractor with 3-pt hitch. It weighs 4,600 lbs. and needs triple hydraulics.
The blade is controlled by the rear wheels as well as by moving the 3-pt hitch. Also, blade ends can be elevated independently, and the scarifier knives in the front can be raised or lowered independently. The hydraulic hoses are enclosed in pipe so they can't be damaged.
Between 1.5 and 2.5 cu. yd. of dirt can be moved in one pass, and the scarifier knives can be operated 10 in. deep. The scarifier knives and bottom of the blade are replaceable.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Furman Body Shop, Highway 6 East, Marengo, Iowa 52301 (ph 319 227-7700, or 642-5500).

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