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How To Clean Greasy Air Filters
“My Bobcat has a couple air filters on it that cost $26 to $27 apiece and when I’m on a job, I can go through a set or more in a week. I don’t like throwing them away but when they get greasy, you can’t clean them with compressed air. So I came up with a different way,” says Lee Tolliver, Tok, Alaska.
  “My method works on all kinds of air filters, whether they’re paper or foam, or a combination of both. What I do is to spray a can of starter fluid all over the filter, inside and out. Then I soak the filter in a small tub of water with Purple Power Degreaser cleaner added. The filter should be submerged in water and left there overnight.
  “The next day I shake it out, rinse it, and put it back into clean degreaser water. The next day, when I take it out, I rinse it off and then use compressed air on it, blowing from the inside out.
  “Once it dries, it’ll be as good as new. The savings add up. I buy starter fluid by the case when it’s on sale. And Purple Power Degreaser sells at Walmart for $4 a gallon.
  “Another use I have for starter fluid is to clean my chainsaws. A friend showed me this trick. Just spray about half a can of starter fluid onto the sprocket and chain and up under the housing, soaking it heavily. Then just start up the saw right away and watch the grease and dirt go flying. I use this idea to clean all my chainsaws and it works great.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lee Tolliver, P.O. Box 244, Tok, Alaska 99780.

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