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ATV Tree Saw Adapted To Loader Tractors, Utility Vehicles
An ATV-mounted tree saw we told you about nearly 12 years ago (Vol. 28, No. 6) is now back on the market, and with a new twist – it can also be mounted on skid steer loaders, loader tractors, and utility vehicles.
  The “Tree Chopper” lets you cut down small trees on-the-go without stopping. It slices through trunks up to 4 in. in dia., yet requires no outside power source. Once the tree is cut, a metal guard on front forces it off to the side. It’ll work on any 400cc or larger ATV and on any loader bucket or utility vehicle.
  “Almost everyone has a piece of equipment this saw will fit on. It costs less than almost anything else you can buy to cut small trees,” says Kelly Coover, CVR Mfg., Galesburg, Kansas.
  “The manufacturer, ATV-X, Inc., quit making the Tree Chopper two years ago, so we obtained the licensing rights. We haven’t changed the cutting assembly, but we’ve made new mounting brackets. We also plan to make brackets for large riding mowers.”
  The cutting assembly consists of 5 hardened steel disc blades mounted on a V-shaped cutterbar. Two blades on front serve as pre-cutters that partially slice into the trunks. They’re followed by two 10-in. dia. blades that are only .002 in. apart and rotate on bushings as the tree trunk goes between them. A fifth blade serves as the final cutter. The tree then falls off to the side.
  The entire unit is raised and lowered by attaching a lifting device such as a winch, ratchet strap, or chain to a hook on the chassis. The design allows it to float over rough terrain.
  “You can’t believe how well it works until you see it in action,” says Coover. “It works a lot faster than skid loader-mounted cutters that have jaws that have to open and close. You can ride around and pop off hundreds of trees per hour. Another advantage is that it cuts the tree trunk at ground level without leaving a stump.”
  The mounting bracket for ATV’s attaches to the ATV frame with 4 bolts and remains permanently on the ATV. The cutting assembly is attached to the bracket by 2 quick-release pins.
  The saw can be used on loader buckets by clamping the cutting assembly and metal guard onto the lip of the bucket, using special mounting brackets. Or, you can chain the cutting assembly to a clevis attached to a bracket that’s clamped onto the bucket. The ATV frame that supports the cutting assembly runs under the loader and attaches to the tractor’s front end. “Raising the bucket gives you a better view of the cutting assembly,” notes Coover.
  The Tree Chopper retails for $1,650 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, CVR Mfg., Inc., 6 Center St., Galesburg, Kansas 66740 (ph 620 763-2500; www.cvrmanufacturing.com; info@cvrmanufacturing.com).

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