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IH Power Steering Mounted on Deere Tractor
Dave Peterson, Lake Mills, Iowa, wasn't satisfied with the power steering on his Deere 720 tractor so he replaced it with the power steering system off an International 1066 tractor.
Peterson removed the tractor's original steering valve, mounting an oil reservoir in its place that he built from steel pipe. He made a bracket to mount the hydro-static steering motor from the IH tractor on top of the radiator. He then attached one end of a hydraulic cylinder to the steering arm and the other end to a bracket that he bolted under the tractor. The hydraulic motor is powered by the tractor's power steering pump.
"The original steering system was worn out and getting hard to steer. It also didn't filter the oil which was hard on the power steering pump," says Peterson. "My system has a screen on the suction side of the oil reservoir and a filter on the return side so the oil stays clean. The tractor now steers so easily I can use one finger to turn the steering wheel even when the tractor is standing still and is fitted with a front-end loader. The only drawback is that if I blow a hydraulic hose while driving over the road, I won't be able to steer because there's no direct link any more between the steering wheel tie rods."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dave Peterson, Box MA, Lake Mills, Iowa 50450 (ph 515 592-9262).

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