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Ridge Till Wheels For Tractor, Combines
Ridge-tillers will be interested in a new straddle-row conversion kit for tractors and combines developed by Unverferth Manufacturing, Co., Inc., Kalida, Ohio.
The company has come up with wheel spacers that let you straddle ridges, maintaining your seedbed without damaging ridges or compacting them. Even if you're not a ridge tiller, it'll let you reduce compaction by adding a "spaced out" dual that runs in the next row.
The company sells three types of spacers. Straddle row bands are designed to convert open center duals and are available in any size and diameter. They're pre-sized to wedge against your dual wheels with the help of longer add-on hooks.
Hub extensions are used for converting direct axle duals to a straddle row position. Made from cast ductile iron, hub extensions are available in 5-in. and 10-in. widths for both 9-hole and 10-hole wheel design.
The third spacer kit is a narrow row wheel conversion and straddle row kit for combines. It consists of narrower wheels, if needed, and a hub extension.
Prices range from $120 to $400.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Unverferth Manufacturing, Co., Inc., Kalida, Ohio 45853 (ph 419 532-3121).

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