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Foam Used To Fix Rusted Car Bodies
Bob Halaska has a simple way to fix rusted out cars. Just fill the holes with spray foam insulation. When the rust on his 1975 Jeep Cherokee got too bad, he enlisted the help of a son-in-law who has a spray-foam insulation business.
  “It probably took $20 worth of foam to fill up the wheel wells, under fenders and cover the underside front and back. The only area we stayed away from was the muffler.”
  Not only did the foam fill in rusted areas, but it also quieted down road noise. Over time Halaska found that it appears to keep moisture away from rusting areas.
  “Rust was starting to show up around the antenna mount, but is hasn’t gotten any worse since we foamed the area,” says Halaska.
  Halaska used an angle grinder to grind away excess foam on the exterior and sculpt the foamed underside as well.
  “I sprayed everything with gray undercoat and then spray painted surface areas to match the Jeep,” he says. “The undercoat spray didn’t stand up very well, so I’m going to try body putty over the foam and then paint it.”
  While the gray undercoat didn’t last, the foam itself stood up well to weather and the road. Halaska has since used the foam on 2 other family vehicles, including a well-worn Grand Caravan.
  “My daughter was driving a car with floor panels so rusted that you could almost see the roadway,” he says. “We layered the underfloor with chicken wire and then spray foamed it. It stopped rusting and quieted down as well.”
  Halaska notes that even the wiring benefits from the spray foam. Not only does the foam prevent corrosion, but it also holds the wires in place.
  “Once it has been foamed, the wire connections and fasteners can’t come loose,” he says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bob Halaska, N1712 Catherine Way, Waupaca, Wis. 54981 (ph 715 258-9573; robhalaska@gmail.com).

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