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Hose Bracket For Deep Placement
"It puts the anhydrous where it belongs," says the manufacturer of the Du-Rite hose bracket for deep placement of anhydrous or liquid fertilizer.
"It eliminates the blow by you get with the conventional method of injecting anhydrous against the back of the shovel," the manufacturer points out.
Soil immediately covers the fertilizer as it drops into the furrows created by each shank. To keep the hose from slipping, a special "widget" is tapped into the top of the bracket. It holds the hose in place and is easily removed when it comes time to let out more hose. Hoses wear from the end (there's no wear on the underside) and normally trail 12 to 18 in. behind the bracket. As the trailing end wears down, the widget is removed to let out another 12 to 18 in. of hose.
Brackets are available for single injector tubes, double tubes, combination large (1 3/4 in.) and small (3/4 in.) tubes, large single tubes for injectingdry fertilizer or heavy suspension, or a single injection tube for Danish tines for side dressing. Cost of the brackets range from $29.95 to $39.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Du-Rite Mfg., Box 143, Rt. 1, Coatesville, Ind. 46121 (ph 317 539-2418).

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