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Hydraulic Dump Bale Trailer
"About 3 years ago I needed a way to transport round bales and decided to build my own rig," says Arnold Boyko, Ruso, N.Dak., who built what he calls the "Magic" bale wagon to haul 6 big bales at a time.
Boyko says the trailer was relatively simple to build yet works as well as any bale hauler on the market. It consists of two hydraulically-dumped cradles, mounted on a 4-wheel trailer made out of an old truck chassis. He notes that the bale hauler could be mounted on any 2 or 4-wheel trailer frame.
There's a bale "cradle" on either side of the trailer. They consist of a heavy piece of 5-in. angle iron on either end connected by two lengths of 3-in. dia. steel pipe. These cradles hinge on pivot points at either end of the trailer, con-trolled by a 3 by 8-in. hydraulic cylinder at either end, of the trailer. The two cylinders are hooked together so that when Boyko activates the hydraulics, all bales on both sides of trailer dump off at once.
"Right after I built it, my wife and I took it to the field and loaded up 6 big bales, took it back to the farm, and pulled the hydraulic lever. It worked perfectly the first time and has worked great ever since. It takes only about 5 sec. to unload and then I'm back on my way to the field. No need for a loader tractor back at the farm," says Boyko.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Arnold Boyko, Rt. 1, Box 66, Ruso, N. Dak. 58738 (ph 701-448-2508).

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