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“Strobe Light” Keeps Watch Over Electric Fence
“You just look out the window and as long as you see the flashing strobe light you know your fence is fine. You never have to go outside,” says John Bishop, Electric Fence Light Co., Cookeville, Tenn.
    The company offers 3 strobe light models. One has an LED bulb that flashes on and off with every pulse of the fence charger, with very little drawdown of the voltage. It’s designed to be used with fence chargers that put out 3 joules or less power and comes with a plastic base that mounts on top of a wooden post or a T-post using the company’s new universal T-post mounting bracket.
    “The flashing light is very bright, depending on your charger, and can be seen from up to a mile away,” says Bishop.
    The company’s Z-Bulb model works the same, but is designed for larger fence chargers that operate on more than 3 Joules. It can be seen from more than a mile away. “When used with a 6-joule fence charger, the Z-Bulb model looks like a welding arc. It’s so bright that from 10 ft. away you won’t be able to look at it,” says Bishop.
    Both models sell for $35.99 plus S&H.
    A smaller version called the Mini electric fence light has no globe or base and is designed to just hang over the fence. It comes with a weatherproof Mylar tube lens with the bulb inside. “The Mini light uses the same bulb as the Z-Bulb model and is just as bright. It’s designed for 3-joule chargers or larger but will work on smaller chargers, although the light won’t be as bright. The bigger your charger, the brighter the light becomes,” says Bishop.
    The Mini fence light sells for $24.99 plus S&H.
“The Z-bulbs on these lights are guaranteed for 3 years, but they should last a lifetime,” says Bishop.
    The company also offers a new lightning diverter that’s designed to mount on any electric fence about 100 ft. away from the fence charger.
    The lightning diverter sells for $9.50 plus S&H. The strobe lights and lightning diverter are available at Menards and through the Jeffers catalog.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John C. Bishop, Electric Fence Light Co., 17638 Dodson Branch Hwy., Cookeville, Tenn. 38501 (ph 931 268-7134 or 615 476-6128; info@electricfencelight.com; www.electricfencelight.com).

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