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“Mud Spray” Keeps Mud From Sticking 
Slipcoat IRC™ is an all-natural, oil based spray that prevents mud and ice from sticking to machines. Farmers, masons, truckers, ATV riders and a host of other consumers appreciate reduced buildup and how easily equipment and vehicles clean up with a quick wash.

    Slipcoat IRC is a patented product that has been used in the mining industry for years, says Mike Siebesma, National Sales Manager for Global Barrier Coatings Inc., the California company that manufactures it. Now, its usefulness is being discovered by everyone from ATVers who want to avoid hours of mud cleanup to truckers who want to reduce ice buildup on undercarriges.

    “Our product releases the surface tension to prevent sticking,” Siebesma says. “But the most important thing is that it’s on the USDA BioPreferred list. It’s 99.8 percent biodegradable and made from renewable materials, all of which are sourced in the United States.

    That makes it safer and more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based products that are often used. Plus, it has a low freezing point – below minus 40 F degrees.

    With a viscosity similar to olive oil, Slipcoat IRC is applied with a high-pressure metal sprayer. It also comes in spray cans. A case of 12 15-oz. cans costs $144, plus shipping. A 5-gal. pail costs $65, plus freight. Barrels and totes are also available.

    The oil-based product goes a long ways and lasts through a couple of washings, Siebesma says.

    “It acts as a lubricant and helps protect against rust and corrosion also,” he adds, which helps protect bearings and gears.

    He continually hears about new uses for it. Customers spray Slipcoat IRC on bushhog and mower decks. Waste haulers spray the insides of roll-off containers and dump trucks. Truckers spray the undercarriage and wheel wells to stop ice and mud build-up.

    Besides the general purpose IRC coating, Global Barrier Coatings offers specific lines for other industries such as asphalt and concrete. They are available through the business’s website and may be available soon through some nationwide chain stores.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Global Barrier Coatings Inc., 1001 Calle Negocio – Unit B, San Clemente, Calif. 92673 (ph 949 542-7440; www.slipcoats.com).  

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