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Horse-Drawn Seeder Designed For Minimum Till
At just under 5 ft. wide, the Kombi-Séi “combination seeder” is designed for minimum tillage seeding with a single horse. The prototype seeder uses the latest components for a high-tech horse-drawn seeder.
  “No-till and minimum tillage methods are gaining popularity among European farmers,” says Paul Schmit, Schaff mat Päerd. The non-profit research group in Luxemborg designs and builds prototypes of new equipment for use with draft horses.
  The Kombi-Séi has large rear wheels for low draft force and high transmission efficiency with its single chain drive and synthetic gear gearbox. Compatibility with the Mono-Rad forecart (Vol. 40, No. 1) reduces required draft force even more. Steering force is also reduced.
  Lubrication is kept to a minimum with chain drives. All bearings and components in the drive train and the seeding mechanism are self-lubricating.
  The seed hopper has 13 adjustable outlets, cam wheel seeding shaft and agitator shaft. The gate latches are adjustable, and it comes with a calibration tray. It has a 150-liter capacity.
  The 20-stage gearbox, secondary drive with two speeds (1.8 and 2.8 mph) and clutch are built by Fiona, a Danish farm equipment manufacturer. Using proven off-the-shelf components reduced development costs and gave instant credibility.
  “We used RoTeC coulters from the German manufacturer Amazone,” says Schmit. “They are widely used for minimum tillage seeding by tractor farmers in Europe.”
  The Kombi-Séi can be fitted with disc coulters followed by press rollers or a covering harrow. The other option is shoe coulters and a covering harrow.
  Row widths include 2.5 in. with shoe coulters and grass seeding shoes, 4 in. with shoe coulters and 8 in. with disc coulters.
  “Changing out the coulters is fast and easy and can be completed in less than 10 min.,” says Schmit. “Future developments include retrofitting a crumbler and leveling roller in front of the coulters.”
  While still in the prototype stage, the Kombi-Séi isn’t available yet for sale. However, Italian equipment maker Equi-Idea could build and market a small series of the seeders.
  “Estimated price for the seeder would be around $4,000,” says Schmit.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Schaff mat Päerd, 27, rue de Brouch, L-7481 Tuntange, Luxembourg (schaffmatpaerd@pt.lu; www.schaffmatpaerd.org) or Equi-Idea, Via del Lazzaretto 98, 37133 Verona, Italy 
(ph 39 045 527899; albano.moscardo@libero.it; www.noieilcavallo.org).

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